Best time to visit Indochina


In spite of being small in area, the weather in Indochina countries are extremely diverse and changeable. At different times, the weather will not be similar. Even at the same time but in two different places, the climate is also differently intense.

Typical example is Thailand, maybe it is dry season in Phuket, but in Koh Samui, 300km away is monsoon season. Therefore, it is important to note that the weather is a very important issue before starting a trip to Indochina.

How to tip in Vietnam and other Asian countries?


When and how to tip is always the most popular question for many travelers to Vietnam and other Asian countries. Here are some guide on tipping if you are satisfied with the services of restaurants, hotels or taxis in these nations.

1. Vietnam

Restaurants: If you are satisfied with the service, leave a tip for $1 to $2 (VND20.000 - 40.000). Hotel: According to a customer care staff at 5star hotel in Hanoi, the reasonable amount you reward to housekeeping staff is 1 or 2 dollars.

Things to know about traditions and customs in Southeast Asian countries


Some countries like Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore have their own tradition and customs that travelers should know to avoid making mistakes.

1. Thailand

Thai people respect their monarchy and show their sincere love to their King. Therefore, if you commit a lack of respect or say something offensive to the king or their monarchy, you will make big mistakes with the Thai people and will be punished.