How to tip in Vietnam and other Asian countries?


When and how to tip is always the most popular question for many travelers to Vietnam and other Asian countries. Here are some guide on tipping if you are satisfied with the services of restaurants, hotels or taxis in these nations.

1. Vietnam

Restaurants: If you are satisfied with the service, leave a tip for $1 to $2 (VND20.000 - 40.000).

Hotel: According to a customer care staff at 5star hotel in Hanoi, the reasonable amount you reward to housekeeping staff is 1 or 2 dollars. Other people may range from $1 to $5 depending on the quality of service.

Taxi: Not required but if any, 1 dollar is suitable

2. Cambodia

Restaurant: Normally minimum 5% to 10% of the invoice, more than with special services.

Hotel: leave a few dollars for housekeeping staff, you will see better service. 1-2 dollars for luggage carrier. Others do not have standard but if any, service will be better.

Taxi: Not required

3. Thailand

Restaurant: Usually 10% tip is included in the service charge. With special cases, can leave a few dollars.

Hotels: the same as in restaurants, 10% are included in the service charge. As for housekeepers, leave $10 when you check out is reasonable, $3 for porter service, and $10 for specific jobs.

Taxi: tipping is about 10% of the invoice, or 1 to 2 dollars is the least.

4. Myanmar (Burma)

Restaurant: tipping is not required. If you want, you can leave between $2 and $10 depending on the cost of your meals.

Hotel: No standard overall, about $ 5 for each individual service.

Taxi: tipping is not required

5. Singapore

Restaurant: in Singapore, tipping is not a common practice, whether or not, customers will receive the best service.

6. Indonesia

Restaurant: 5% to 10% service charge

Hotel: luggage carriers expect small rewards from you.

Taxi: It's up to you.

7. Malaysia

Restaurants: You should only leave a small amount in the western restaurant.

Hotels: Luggage carriers expect little rewards from you.

Taxi: it’s up to you

8. Philippine

Restaurant: 5-10% service charge

Hotel: it’s up to you for hotel staff

Taxi: it’s up to you

9. Bali

Restaurant: not required but if in special case, consider from 1 to 10 dollars.

Hotels: Hotels here charge 10% included in your bill. If you are satisfied just add 1 more dollar.

Taxi: included 10% of your service charge.

10. Bhutan

Restaurant: tipping at restaurants is not required. If you wish, you can leave a 10% service charge.

Hotel: It is up to you. If you are really satisfied with the service, leave some tips on all services is reasonable.

Taxi: Your self-determination.

11. India

Restaurant: About 10% of service charge.

Hotel: For housekeeping, caring staff, porter service from 5 to 10 dollars.

Taxi: Not necessary, but if you want to show a nice gesture, you can reward them from 2-4 dollars.

12. Nepal

Restaurant: Most restaurants charge a tip for service charges. If satisfied, you can leave around 1 to 2 dollars.

Hotel: Some hotels have a common bonus box and are shared equally among employees. If you are really satisfied, you can add $ 1 to $ 10 to the cleaning staff, caring staffs, and porters.

Taxi: Not required.